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Research & Impact

CPPPE research addresses issues that transcend borders.

The Center's research strategically links the public and private sector to develop and improve solutions to increasingly complex problems associated with the delivery of public services. The Center advances best practices through sponsored research, convening experts to discuss policy and risk concerns, and educating students and the public on positive paths forward.

The Center’s research is focused in three areas: 

Cyber Policy & Risk Management

CPPPE specializes in critical infrastructure cybersecurity, emphasizing risk management and best practices for risk mitigation and improve private-public collaboration to counter emerging cyber threats.

Federal Acquisition & Procurement Policy

The Center works to identify and promote government acquisition best practices and sourcing strategies, such as performance based contracting, outsourcing, and public-private partnerships.

Health Policy

CPPPE researches efficient solutions to emerging healthcare challenges, from finance systems to data security, to support innovation in healthcare delivery and the integrity of the sector as a whole, at the private and public levels.