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Stadium Drive, photo by Ryan Kosmides

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GoTech faculty, researchers, and affiliates publish innovative research, speak at public events, and work with public and private sector organizations on key technology governance challenges to help shape key policy debates.

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Write for the GoTech Insights blog

The GoTech Insights blog is a forum for center experts and students to share their analysis and commentary on technology, governance, and human systems. Blog posts will:

  • Expose the audience to new concepts
  • Provide context on technologies and events and their policy or normative implications in a structured manner
  • Inform the audience on new policy initiatives and provide expert commentary
  • Propose new policy approaches to hard governance challenges

Please reach out to Devin Entrikin at if you're interested in becoming a blog contributor. We are always open to new blog post ideas!

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Current and Prospective Students

Whether you’re a current or prospective student, GoTech can help advance your understanding of key technology governance challenges at the local, national, and global level:


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